Alexis Lichine


On a quest for the highest quality since its very beginnings, Alexis Lichine & Co places its expertise at the service of its partner vintners, to create wines that are tailored to the tastes of wine lovers everywhere. Today, this tradition continues thanks to our close work with our producers. They are chosen for the quality of their wines, their appellation and their choice of an integrated farming approach.

Following in the footsteps of Mr Lichine, our team of oenologists works throughout the year with our partner vintners, from pruning the vines to picking the grapes, together ensuring the growth of the highest quality grapes. The choices of vineyard methods, such as nipping off buds, pruning, disease prevention, leaf management and even the harvest date, are made together, to meet everyone’s criteria and objectives.

Alexis Lichine has chosen to build close ties with its partner vintners, ensuring permanent dialogue to guarantee total quality and complete traceability of its wines.

Once the grapes are ripe, Alexis Lichine & Co buy the harvest and take care of the vinification. This is done according to traditional methods, incorporating the latest innovative techniques to create the best quality wines that respect the specific characteristics of each grape variety.

Thanks to this logic of close and shared partnership, the Alexis Lichine & Co guarantee has become synonymous with quality and excellence, for all our products.